Welcome to my battery blog!

In 2018, after working with functional materials and printed electronics for 15 years, I realized that I want to become a battery scientist. This blog will share my story and learnings so far, and will focus on three topics:

  1. Materials and manufacturing for next generation batteries.
  2. Leading collaborative battery projects at EU level.
  3. Finding a work-life balance as a mother and a scientist.

I hope that with this blog, I’m able to help people who want to make the same career shift or who are just starting their battery career. I also welcome everyone else who is interested in green energy solutions, or the daily life of a scientist, to read my posts. At the same time, I want to keep learning more by writing. Creating a blog sounds like a way to enable all these goals.

Most importantly, I want to encourage people to join this field of research and industry. We need more people with different skills and background in the battery field. There is so much to do, and no time to waste.



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