In my two previous posts I have given information about how to build coin and pouch cells. Here a short post to let you know that we have now also published a video about the manufacturing process. You can find it here: Sustainable battery development at VTT.

I hope that you find the video useful! You can find most of the pouch cell manufacturing steps in there.

The film was funded by a European project called Synergy.

More training material about batteries

I have worked in many EU projects, and they have given me so much! It would have never been possible to learn everything I know without these projects. The Synergy project is not an exception, especially as it is mainly focused on training and knowledge sharing.

One of the technical topics in the Synergy project is energy storage and we recently arranged a related training session online. The training material is at the project website: Towards next generation powering solutions.

If you are interested in reading more about cell assembly and electrochemical characterization, I suggest you check the slides presented by my colleague Dr. Olli Sorsa.

You can find there also my slides about battery materials and their sufficiency, as well as suggestions how to cope with the increasing energy storage demand. Battery materials are limited on Earth, but there are also solutions available. We just need to make sure that we will take those into use and develop them further. My next post will be about this topic, so stay tuned if this sounds interesting 😊