My name is Marja Vilkman and I’m working as a scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

I’m a polymer chemist and polymer physicist by training. I did my master’s degree at the chemistry department of Aalto University (back then, it was still called Helsinki University of Technology) in 2002 and graduated from the physics department from the same university as a doctor in 2010.

I have been working with functional materials my whole career. The topics include conducting polymers, organic transistors, organic solar cells, sensors and several manufacturing methods by printing and coating. For the past few years, I have focused more and more on batteries. Currently, all of my research projects are related to energy storage.

I’m an experienced EU project coordinator, and I love to write project proposals. Yes, I really do (unless there are too many of them at the same time). Writing and coordinating collaborative EU proposals is the best way to learn! I can gather the best experts together, start asking questions and building the puzzle to solve various technical, environmental, and societal challenges.

At my free-time, I like to do yoga, dance flamenco, and walk and run in the forests of Helsinki. My favorite route is to run to the Pitkäkoski rapids, where I can have a short (or sometimes long!) break and just watch the water to flow.